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What’s the difference between TimberSeal and other contractors that may perform a similar service?

Well… SIMILAR may be too strong of a word to be quite honest. First allow us to tell you what you might find out there when obtaining other estimates to complete your project.  In the now 12 years of being a Certified Wood Care Contractor we’ve seen many companies come and go in a very short time frame.  These “companies” pop up one day and are gone the next as within many industries and base their restoration procedures off of what they feel is a common sense approach to cleaning…. well….. anything for that matter.  Keep this one thing in mind and answer me this: 

Would you wash your clothes, car or body without using the proper quality detergents and cleaners? We would certainly hope not!

Nine out of every ten estimates you will get will be an offer to come in and pressure wash your wood using 3000 psi or more pressure from a pressure washer.  THIS IS NOT HOW YOU RESTORE WOOD!  These toothpick factories continue to blast exterior wood thereby causing PERMANENT damage to the substrate.  High Pressure removes the sapwood and lignin that rest on the surface of the wood.  This leaves sharp edges, gouges and splintering on the wood creating a surface that will now require EXTENSIVE sanding to repair.  Worse yet some wood will have to be replaced due to damage that is beyond repair.

The Solution?  TIMBERSEAL.  We use a proprietary process utilizing cleaners and brighteners that allow us to safely restore the wood with much lower pressures and a gentle cleaning approach.  The cleaners and brighteners act to break down the failed finishes, oxidation, dirt, grime, mold and mildew so that they can be RINSED away with 800 psi or less in a very non-aggressive approach.  Learn more about our wood care process.

The second major concern you should have when choosing a contractor is in learning about the finish they intend to put down.  The bottom line rests in that most finishes are designed with a purpose in mind.  Unfortunately some of the technologies behind those finishes is still lacking.  In every box store in the nation you’ll find acrylic and latex based deck stains.  These solid in nature finishes give a painted appearance to anything you apply them to due to their opaque nature.  Unfortunately its usually only months to a year later that homeowners find out something awful.   ITS PEELING!  The honest answer to this problem is that “to date” the manufactures have not engineered an acrylic or latex finish that will hope up on horizontal deck surfaces exposed to the weather.  They continue to market these “eco-friendly” alternatives but the truth is they will create a very large problem for you in the near future leaving you with one of two options.   

Option A:  Clean and Recoat the surface annually as it peels and chips away
Option B:
 Hire a contractor to come in and remove the mess in order to get it down to a stable and sound surface.  A very difficult but not impossible task.

The Solution? TIMBERSEAL At TimberSeal we’re tried and true believers in that  PENETRATING OIL BASED FINISHES are the only way to go.  Natural oils and sugars are washed from the wood over the years as it weathers so it only makes sense to replenish what’s lost. On another note however you’ll find that not all oil based finishes created are equal as well.  As if there wasn’t enough for you to worry about!
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