TimberSeal Pro-UV Semi Transparant Oil Finish

TimberSeal Pro-UV is an exclusive blend of deep penetrating and conditioning oils that provide exactly what wood needs to hold up in our harsh Midwest environment.  Pro-UV Oils penetrate deep into the wood fibers where the natural oils once were!  Over time wood exposed to the constant wet and dry cycles of Mother Nature will lose their natural oils.  TimberSeal Pro-UV rejuvenates and restores the wood in the most natural way possible by absorbing INTO the wood all while leaving a protective layer at the surface, thereby locking in the conditioning oils and leaving a dry to touch protective barrier from the elements.  The best part about Timberseal Pro-UV is it’s wash and recoat nature.  When it comes time to perform maintenance to your wood there’s no need to strip the finish off!  We simply wash the wood with a proprietary oxidizing cleaner, allow it to dry and recoat for a renewed and rejuvenated appearance!  Safe and effective for any outdoor wood surface TimberSeal Pro-UV is available exclusively through your local TimberSeal service provider.

TimberSeal Pro-UV Color Chart

Munster Indiana Deck Cleaning and Sealing

Cedar Gold (on Cedar)

04-15-2010 004Super Cedar (on Cedar)

cedar darkSuper Cedar Dark (on PT Pine)

special blend 2Special Blend (on cedar)

cedar and stone afterDriftwood (on Cedar)

4-28-2010 016

 Walnut (on PT Pine with solid rails)

pyke deck

 Redwood (on Pt Pine)