Indiana Paver Cleaning and Sealing



Pavers have become a staple in exterior landscape and hardscape around Northwest Indiana homes. They provide a solid foundation for any great patio area, bring the essence of nature into your surroundings with stone, and maintain a great low maintenance appearance as long as they are maintained properly.

Paver maintenance includes weeding of the paver joints, filling settled or emptied joints with new sand and sealing the surface with a good quality product to protect the pavers and joints. Let’s break this maintenance down a bit further and explain how TimberSeal can keep your pavers looking great.


Pavers are a fantastic hardscape to incorporate into your home and landscape but they do require annual to bi-annual cleaning.  Being a horizontal surface pavers accumulate dirt, debris, bird droppings, spills and other contaminants rather easily.  These contaminants get ground into the pavers causing staining, discoloration and encourage the growth of weeds, mold and mildew on the surface.  Keeping your pavers clean will go a long way to preserving their natural beauty and keeping maintenance as simple and straight forward as possible.


Once installed paver joints are filled with a joint sand.  Some companies use a fine beach sand while others use what is known as polymeric sand (otherwise known as a locking sand).  Whichever is used it is important that you check the joints of your pavers annually to insure the joints are filled and secure.  Water runoff more than anything else will continually remove portions of the joint sand each and every day.   Although its typically a slow process it truly is only a matter of time before gaps begin to open in the paver joints allowing further washout and weeds to germinate.  If washout becomes too severe it can start to washout your base and cause your pavers to actually sink and settle.  Once this occurs the only way to fix them is to remove and rebuild that area which can add up quickly.


Sealing your pavers not only enhances the appearance but it also protects the paver surface from stains and spills that can permantly discolor your pavers.  In addition the sealing process helps to lock in the paver sand and joints further minimizing and slowing joint washout.  You cannot prevent washout or weed growth 100% but you can certainly take steps through paver maintenance to make your life a whole lot easier.

Our PaverSeal product is available in both a natural look and wet look finish.

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