Concrete much like wood is a dense but very porous product that requires protection from mother nature.

The life of concrete is limited by a
number of disintegrating factors:
Weathering by rain and frost action is chiefly a function of water-tightness or impermeability, since leach and attack by the carbonic and other acids present in rainwater, and disruption by frost action, depend on the penetration of water into the surface. This water once absorbed is the source of many problems to come. These include:

SPALLING: Where surface layers of the concrete pop out leaving the aggregate to show underneath.

CRACKING: Freeze and thaw cycles cause concrete to heave. When moisture within concrete freezes it causes expansion within the concrete and at some point this expansion will reveal a stress point in the slab.

EFFLORESCENCE: is the loss of water (or a solvent) of crystallization from a hydrated or solvated salt to the atmosphere on exposure to air. Moisture wicking within the concrete or masonry adds greatly to this problem leaving a salty like residue on the surface.


You’ll see in a demonstration video below a project where we were contracted to remove a failed film based sealer from several thousand square feet of concrete pads within storage units. This was accomplished through the use of specialty finish removers and a high volume low pressure cleaning with our Surface Cleaners.