Playground equipment is a real joy to have for kids but what many people overlook is it’s need for maintenance.  Similar to other wood structures wood playground sets need to be cleaned, maintained and refinished every few years to preserve the integrity of the wood.  We refinish everything from your standard Menards play set all the way up to the quite pricey Rainbow Play Systems sets.  In addition we provide refinishing services for community playground equipment at local city and town parks.

Why should I clean, seal and protect my playground equipment?

Wood playground equipment is subject to the same forces of Mother Nature that your deck, fence or siding is.  Rain, sleet, sun and snow all place wear and tear on the wood through expansion and contraction of the wood.  This in turn causes the wood to expand and contract thereby encouraging warping, splintering, delamination and UV damage to the wood.  By sealing and preserving your wood play set you substantially reduce the effects of the weather in addition to maintaining the natural beauty of the wood.


Just as with your deck, fence or siding we utilize our TimberSeal Pro-UV penetrating oil finish to preserve and protect your playground equipment.  Click here to view the available colors.

For a free estimate on your play set or playground refinishing project give us a call toll free at 1-866-WOODCARE or locally at (219) 548-2670.  For your convenience you may also submit your request through our website at the link below.


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