Curb Appeal… 10 tips to make buyers choose YOUR home!

Feb - 20 2013

Let’s face it… you have been there before. You are driving through a residential area and one or two houses seem to stand out among the rest. You find yourself wishing your own place looked as put-together as that. While that “curb appeal” can seem unobtainable you may be surprised to learn there are a few simple ways, ten to be specific, that can make your home catch your friends, family or maybe even a buyer’s eye while trying to sell your home!

  1. Clean It Up – Easily the least demanding on your budget, while being the most surprisingly powerful thing you can do to improve your home’s appearance, is to simply to keep things tidy and clean. It might mean storing away items only used seasonably, like lawn furniture, or doing things such as sweeping and power washing down the driveway that can really turn things around.
  2. Pruning and Planting – Simple cleaning and landscaping is almost as easy a step as the one above. Assess your yard to see what hedges and trees need trimming. Could the landscape just simply need some flowers? They can bring a colorful, more cheerful look. You might also want to invest in a new garbage bin or at least find a way to make that used one less noticeable.
  3. The Grass – Maybe landscaping has not quite brought things up to par. The grass can make or break a home, even after you have landscaped. It may just be a regular watering and weeding, or more attention to the mowing, raking or edging. Be ready to consider getting some fertilizer, or maybe even renting an aerator.
  4. Washing the Siding – This might require some professional help if you are unable to work safely on the ground or you are not feeling safe on a ladder. Contact a local house washing professional or if you are going on your own, then before you start, cover up any stone or brick walls, any patios and plants with plastic sheeting. Then working from the eaves on down to the base, sweep away the dirt. It might be advisable to use a stiff-bristle brush with a long handle attachment for this step. Then hose off the siding, again from top to bottom. If you wish to go with a pressure-washer be sure to not keep the nozzle in one place too long or you may end up removing some of the paint.
  5. Painting – Though one of the more costly investments to add curb appeal to your home, it could be a worthwhile expense, especially if you are looking to sell your house and simply cleaning the siding is not enough. If painting the siding is too much to consider, at least put a new coat of paint on the window and door trim. Another area where you may want to hire a local house painting company
  6. Adding Individuality to the Home – Can you add a fence, an archway, or how about a fountain? These can add some style and distinction to the place, making it a real stand-out in the neighborhood.
  7. The Pathways – Steps and walkways can be delightfully accented with various materials that can create a desirable mood for anyone walking up to the entryway. With anything from brick to tile, or stone and concrete there is no limit to what a homeowner can achieve within the landscape.
  8. Some Light on the Subject – You may want to add some nice pathway lights. This can be an effective addition to the home. Low-voltage light kits can be obtained at your local home improvement center or you can bring in a professional outdoor lighting company to design and install lighting at your home.
  9. The Little Things – Items that can be easily overlooked can make a world of difference when they are considered. Things like the house numbers, the mailbox or even potted plants. You would be amazed at what can happen if you freshen up the front door with some paint.

10.  What About the Garage? – Go ahead, admit it. You have turned it into a storage space, leaving the car to clutter up the outside after all that work you have done out there. Maybe it is time to reassess what is worth keeping and what needs to be sold or taken to the landfill. It can be a few hours spent that will lead to great dividends.

It doesn’t have to take a lot of expense for homeowners to make their home the own that stands out in the neighborhood. These simple tips can change everything about what you see as you drive up. Watch out, though. You may change your mind about reselling.

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