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Mar - 29 2014

Give YOUR home a BATH!
with TimberSeal House Washing Services

Curb Appeal… it’s something you notice immensely when you first buy your home.  The clean attractive appearance of the exterior of a home is a major selling point among realtors and home owners alike.  It leaves a definitive impression as to how you live and how things are cared for.  We wash our clothes, kids and cars on a daily to weekly basis but when is the last time you washed your house?  Odds are pretty good that your answer just might be…. NEVER.

We have some great news for you though!  TimberSeal Softwashing utilizes a safe and gentle approach to achieving fantastic cleaning results while cleaning your home exterior.   With our 3 step house washing process your home is gently cleaned and scrubbed free from all of the accumulated dirt, debris, mold, mildew and grime that it collects over the years.  Our process goes like this!

  • We first insure that all doors and windows are closed and request that you remove the screens should you want us to clean the outer window frames.
  • Your home exterior is then bathed in landscape friendly cleansers that work to loosen up that stubborn dirt and grime for safe and gentle removal.
  • Your gutter exteriors are treated with our very own GutterWhite cleanser to remove stubborn oxidation staining and streaks before they are scrubbed.
  • We then run a brush over your window exteriors to loosen dirt and grime on the glass.  We use super soft car wash brushes for this so there’s no concern for scratching!
  • Your home exterior is then SOFT WASHED to remove the contaminants from the surface and reveal your sparkling clean home.

To schedule a Soft Wash Exterior House Wash for YOUR home you can do so online and take advantage of Facebook only pricing.  You may also call us toll free at 1-866-WOODCARE to schedule.


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