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Apr - 20 2017

timberbrushTimberBrush Abrasive Embedded Nylon Buffing Brush Head

Save time and money on sanding with our TimberBrush Buffing Heads!  The TimberBrush is a abrasive embedded nylon buffing brush designed to quickly and effeciently remove raised grain and minor remnants of stain and other problem areas.  It attaches to our Makita 9227C sander / polisher unit (variable speed control) and allows techs to move through the sanding process many times faster than traditional orbitals.  The TimberBrush also does the job without closing the pores of the wood unlike some conventional sanding methods.

Single or Case Pricing

4 inch bravo StainerWooster 4″ Bravo Stainer Oil Staining Brush

Product description

Size Name:4 Inch

Product Description


Excellent for all oil-based stains, and wood toners. Threaded wood handle and the built in bucket clip removes for extension pole use! White China bristle smoothly and evenly applies stain.  This is the #1 stain brush for a professional wood care company.


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