House Washing Indiana – Vinyl and Aluminum siding

Feb - 23 2014

House Washing Indiana - Vinyl and Aluminum Siding

House Washing Indiana – Vinyl and Aluminum Siding

Did you know that vinyl and aluminum siding manufacturers recommend you low pressure wash your siding down at least every two years to remove accumulated contaminants?  Washing of the vinyl and aluminum siding helps to prevent the accumulated contaminants from wearing on the coatings place upon the surface of the siding.  If left upon the surface the accumulated grime wears on the coatings, oxidizes the surfaces and encourages premature color fade in the surface.  Protect your most valuable investment with a consistant professional low pressure cleaning by TimberSeal Softwashing Indiana.

TimberSeal Softwashing Benefits

  • Our process SAFELY removes dirt, debris, grime and other contaminants from the surface of your vinyl and aluminum siding.  No HIGH PRESSURE is used on the surface of your home!
  • Our process kills off and removes algae, mold and mildew from your vinyl and aluminum siding
  • Our process restores your aluminum gutters and soffits back to the bright white color they were when first installed
  • Our process is safe for all landscaping, vegetation, pets and humans
  • Our process leaves your exterior smelling clean, fresh and GREAT!

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